Downloadable wedding consultation checklist. Please feel free to download this file and bring to your consultation. This is not required but would help out a great deal.

Adobe-PDFDownloadable Wedding Flower Consultation Checklist

Tips for Getting the Most out of your Wedding Consultation

Floral designers do much more than just supply the bouquet! We help create the look and mood for your wedding ceremony, as well as centerpieces and other decorations for the reception.

• Before your meeting, it is ideal that you have chosen your ceremony and reception venue. That way we’ll be able to discuss how much additional floral décor will be needed to either achieve a specific look at your venue or complement an existing garden and/or room aesthetic.

• When you come to your consultation, use descriptive (even dramatic) words to give a good mental picture of what your dream wedding is like. As you go over the specific details this helps us to keep your overall vision in mind and offer suggestions that will help everything flow together smoothly. If there are any special touches that you plan to use in your wedding theme, keep them in mind as well. It could be things like a color or design that holds special sentiment, monograms, a favorite hobby, or even a private joke. Incorporating some of these things into the floral arrangements will make them even more unique to your special day.

Budget for your wedding:

Unless money is no object (every bride wishes that were true), come to your consultation with a clear budget in mind.  A general rule is to expect to spend 10-15% of your total budget on flowers, perhaps even more if you will be using all floral centerpieces.

• Bring along some visual aids. Having a picture of something that you have in mind will make it easier for the us to help you achieve your vision. The pictures don’t need to be exact; they need only give an idea of what you like. You may like the color scheme of one bouquet and the shape of another and we can recommend ways to bring the two together.

• Before you call for a consultation, prepare a list with the number of bridesmaids, ushers, groomsmen, personal attendants, mothers, fathers, as well as anyone else in the wedding that will have a flower. Have a rough estimate of the number of tables that will need centerpieces as well as the number of pews that will need decorations. We will be able to talk you through the rest of the information that is needed.

Other questions will certainly arise, but as long as you take full advantage of the consultation your meeting will have been a success. When you leave the meeting you will have a relaxed feeling and be comfortable that everything will be taken care of.

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